Quality surface treatments

Thanks to Ripleg’s collaboration agreements with companies specialized in surface treatments, we ensure the quality of our products. We offer all kinds of finishes, from liquid and powder paint to zinc, anodized and cataphoresis.

Powder or liquid paint

We have state-of-the-art painting robots and quick color change booths to change colors within 10 minutes, give exceptional delivery times and ensure thorough cleaning. To ensure the best industrial coating, all production lines include the final finishing pretreatment phases with demineralized water to obtain an impeccable coating.


We offer the cataphoresis service in products for which an exceptional resistance to oxidation is required. It is a coating with a high resistance to corrosion used by all car manufacturers and manufacturers of products exposed to oxidation (lamps, bicycles, street furniture, cast iron valves, spas, gyms...).


Anodizing allows the creation of an artificial protection layer for greater strength and durability of aluminum. Anodizing techniques range from a layer of aluminum oxide with the material's own gray color, to subsequent coloring.

Electrolytic zinc plating

With unpassivated finish, bluish white chrome XI free, ECOTRI chrome VI free, high resistance to corrosion, bichromatized, black or olive green.


For maximum protection of the metal surface we offer hot dip galvanizing, cold galvanizing, gun metallizing, electrolytic zinc plating and roll galvanizing.

Allows coverage of hard-to-reach surfaces
High mechanical resistance
Optimum corrosion protection
Uniform layer thickness
No liquid runs or spots